The 5 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 02:28 am

While there are plenty of affordable basketball shoes in the market, it’s always important to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money at all times. With a budget of $100, you can get solid basketball shoes for your day-to-day training sessions, which will last for a long time.

Whether you are looking for a backup pair or for a replacement option, there are several reliable kicks within this price range.

It’s important to note that many of the basketball shoes within this price range might not be the latest designer shoes or the fanciest of pairs. If you are looking for high-end shoes with the latest technology, then look at the best basketball shoes for under $200.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a pair of sneakers for your day-to-day shoes, then you should get any of these basketball shoes for under $50.

Within this price range, you will get some amazing signature shoes and secondary take-down pairs that will definitely give you value for your money.

You might just have to give up on the aesthetics and premium innovative technology and instead settle for something that’s quite close. Instead, settle for a pair that will do you some justice on the court.

You can still get reliable shoes that not only perform better but also look great. When shopping for a fresh pair of basketball shoes, it’s always important to go for the ones that will provide proper traction and support.

Helping you avoid injuries and allowing you to enjoy the game. That said, what are some things that you should consider when shopping for basketball shoes?

Things to Consider When Shopping for Basketball Shoes Under $100


When shopping for trainers, always go for a pair that will serve you for several months. Before choosing a pair, you should always consider the playing surface. Playing surface plays a crucial role in how long a pair of shoes will last and thus, if you play on tarmac or gravel, go for a pair that’s suited for this type of playing surface.

When buying basketball shoes, always consider the quality and type of materials used to design the shoes. The Under Armour Men’s Sc 3zero and the Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VII come with a thick outsole and solid construction, making them perfect for the outdoors, and are under $100.


Comfort plays a crucial role in our ability to focus on the game. In addition, you’ll also be happier playing in a pair that’s not squeezing your feet. Uncomfortable shoes can be a source of distraction in the process affecting our overall performance.

Thus, it’s important to settle for a pair that’s not only fitting but also gives your feet a little breathing space. The Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 is an excellent choice for big men, while the Harden Stepback is ideal for guards.


Always settle for basketball shoes that will offer maximum support at all times. There are plenty of shoes within this range that will offer your feet plenty of support. By considering support, you will prevent your susceptibility to injuries.

Depending on your role in the court, select a pair that will suit your style of play while offering maximum support at all times. If you are a forward or a center or you weigh more, then you should get a pair that comes with a thick inner sole and outsole.

The Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

1. The Harden Stepback 2

Sporting a similar design to the Harden Vol 5, the Harden Stepback 2 is a great choice for players who are shopping for basketball shoes with responsive cushioning. Engineered with Bounce technology, the Harden Stepback 2 is a firm and responsive basketball shoe that offers moderate impact protection when attacking the rim.

In addition, the Harden Stepback 2 also comes with a rubber outsole, which makes it perfect for hardwood floors and indoor courts. The uppers of the shoe feature a synthetic rear, a textile mesh set-up, and a lacing system that goes through nylon eyelets.

What we liked about the Harden Stepback 2

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoors
  • Premium finish

What we didn’t like about the Harden Stepback 2

  • Moderate impact protection

2. D Rose 773 II 2020 Shoes

Like the Harden Stepback 2, the D Rose 773 2020 is a solid basketball shoe that offers a great bang for your cash. Perfect for dusty and clean floors, the D Rose 773 offers solid traction as it comes with a rubber outsole and Herrington markings.

While the shoe offers solid traction, it’s important to note that the D Rose 773 is not ideal for outdoor use. Unlike most sneakers, the D Rose 773 is quite light, which makes it ideal for quick crossovers, cuts, and drives to the rim.

What we like about the D Rose 773 II

  • Exceptional traction
  • Extremely light, which makes it ideal for fast players
  • No time needed to break in into the shoes

What we didn’t like about the D Rose 773 II

  • The materials feel cheap and may not be durable
  • Cannot be used on outdoor courts

3. Zoom Freak 2/Zoom Freak

Unlike its predecessor, the Nike Zoom Freak 2 follows a novel concept with a sleeker shoe structure and a traditional midsole. Instead of the Heel Zoom being at the back, the Zoom Freak 2 incorporates the Zoom unit at the front. The bounce and responsiveness that you will get from this shoe are superb.

Like most shoes within this price range, the materials used mainly on the Zoom Freak 2 are synthetics and textiles. Despite that being the case, the Zoom Freak 2’s feels more premium compared to the previous installments and most shoes within this price range.

The Zoom Freak 2 also offers a snug fit, true to size, and perfect lockdown. The outsole of the Zoom Freak 2’s is designed using rubber and is much thicker, which makes these shoes perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

Overall, the Zoom Freak 2 is a solid basketball shoe that is suitable for all playing styles.

What we liked about Zoom Freak 2

  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Supportive: Offers ankle and feet support
  • True to size
  • Light in weight

What we did not like about the Zoom Freak 2

  • Durability: Might not last for long

4. Adidas Dame 5

Like all of its predecessors, the Adidas Dame 5 sports a similar stylish design with a suede upper, padded interior, and textile tongue. As expected, the Adidas Dame 5 comes with Bounce cushioning, which offers players outstanding impact protection and responsiveness when on the court.

The materials used on this pair are not only supportive but also quite comfortable. The herringbone patterns on the rubber outsole enhance the traction on this pair, ensuring that it’s not only superior and works well on clean courts.

However, it’s important to note that the pair can be quite slippery on dusty basketball courts.

What we liked about the Adidas Dame 5

  • Outstanding impact protection and responsiveness
  • Comfortable on the feet

What we didn’t like about the Adidas Dame 5

  • Quite slippery on dusty floors

5. Nike PG 4

One of the most comfortable shoes in the market, the Nike PG 4 is the 4th installment in the PG basketball shoe line. Although previous installments used the Nike Air cushioning, the Nike PG 4 comes with a Nike Air Strobel board that seats underneath the feet.

This new set-up gives the shoes a comfortable and softer cloud-like feeling. Because the shoe does not use Zoom Air, it lacks the bounciness that was quite common in PG 2’s and PG 3’s.

The outsole features circular traction patterns that work well in all directions, ensuring that the traction remains solid even when playing on dusty courts. Apart from the traction, the materials used on the Nike PG 4 are of exceptional quality with the upper sporting dual-mesh that’s breathable, lightweight, and flexible.

While the Nike PG 4 is an obvious upgrade, it still has several shortcomings, such as mild heel slippage

What we liked about the Nike PG 4

  • Superb traction that works well even on dusty courts
  • Good support and lockdown
  • Comfortability
  • Offers impact protection

What we did not like about the Nike PG 4

  • The shoe lacks bounciness

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