The 6 Best Basketball Shoes Under $200

Last updated on June 14th, 2022 at 02:54 pm

Basketball shoes can be quite expensive especially if you are after performance and style. The great thing is that many of the most sought after basketball shoes in the market are normally within this price range.

Established brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan and many others have shoes within this price range. From individual signature shoes to limited editions and silhouettes, there are plenty of shoes to choose from.

While you might have to give up on plenty of features when shopping for basketball shoes under $100 or sneakers under $150, many of the basketball shoes under $200 come with premium cutting edge technology and aesthetics.

You can even decide to add most of the basketball shoes within this price to your off-court attire.

Apart from just looking good, these shoes are solid performers on the basketball court. Designed with the latest technology, many of the shoes on our basketball shoes under $200 list provide plenty of cushioning and ankle support.

Thus, when shopping for your next basketball shoes, it’s still important to look for shoes that will provide great traction and support when playing.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Basketball Shoes Under $200


When shopping for your next basketball shoes, it’s important to look at the traction that comes with each shoe. Traction plays a key role in preventing slips and falls, which eventually prevents injuries.

When the playing surface is dirty or has lots of dust, basketball shoes tend to pick up dust and dirt, which tends to interfere with the general traction of basketball shoes. Thus, before committing to a pair, it’s important to fully understand your playing surface.

Different basketball shoes are designed for different playing surfaces and thus by keeping in mind the playing surface, you will be able to pick a pair that’s specifically designed for that specific playing surface.

For instance, shoes like the Kyrie 7 and the Lebron 18, are specifically designed for indoor courts, hence will perform poorly on dusty or outdoor courts.


Like traction, durability is also another thing that you should consider before buying a basketball shoe. Since you will be shopping for high-end basketball shoes, many of the shoes within this price range use premium materials for the uppers and outsole.

All in all, you should always settle for basketball shoes that will serve you for quite some time. The great thing about all the shoes on this list, is that they are highly durable with each scoring at least 90/100 or more when it comes to durability.


The right basketball shoes should give you plenty of support when playing. Apart from allowing you to make quick runs and sudden stops, the right basketball shoes should also allow you to easily change directions or jump. Technically, the correct shoes should give you versatility, speed, and support.


Another thing that you should consider when shopping for basketball shoes is comfort. Always choose a pair that not only comes with the right amount of cushioning, but one that’s ideal with your playing style.

Playing in uncomfortable shoes either one that does not fit or one that does not suit your playing style will affect your overall performance on the court. Thus, if you are a guard, then it’s important to consider basketball shoes that are designed for guards and if you are a forward then you should always settle for shoes that are designed for forwards.

In addition, if you’ve got wide feet, then you might want to check out our best basketball shoes for players with wide feet list.

The 5 Best Basketball Shoes Under $200

1. Jordan Aerospace 720

Sporting a NASA-worthy makeover, the Jordan Aerospace silhouette is a high-end sneaker that gives more air to the underfoot and more overall comfort. The upper section of the Jordan Aerospace 720 features various synthetic overlays and textiles.

On the other hand, the retro-red stitching add a rather contrasting element to these high-end basketball shoes. The tongue and the contrasting heel gives the Jordan Aerospace a spectacular finish.

Unlike most Jordan shoes, the branding on this pair has been kept to the minimum with the Aerospace 720 text appearing towards the classic jump-man logo and the collar. Offering an incomparable fit, the Jordan Aerospace 720 uses textile for the inner material and inner sole.

In addition, the Jordan Aerospace also comes with an abrasion resistant rubber outsole, ensuring that players can play outdoors and indoors. The minimal branding and premium finish definitely makes the Jordan Aerospace one of the best basketball shoes under $200.

What we liked about the Jordan Aerospace 720

  • Premium finish
  • Minimal branding

2. Nike Air Max 720 Horizon

The Nike Airmax 720 is another high-end sneaker that comes with improved technology thereby guaranteeing performance potential. Considered to be the tallest Nike Air unit, these silhouettes stand at 38mm and come with colorways fully inspired by morning to night light transition.

Engineered with Gore-Tex technology, the Nike Airmax 720 Horizon offers maximum comfort and breathability while keeping the shoes waterproof. Thanks to this technology, you can use the Nike Airmax 720 Horizon in any weather conditions.

3. Air Jordan Mars

If you are shopping for a basketball sneaker that will turn heads, then you should definitely get the Air Jordan Mars. Apart from the aesthetics, the Air Jordan Mars is a high-performing shoe that guarantees maximum comfort.

Because of the material and the fabrics used in designing this silhouette, cleaning the Air Jordan Mars is quite easy. Being a high-top shoe, the Air Mars is all-round shoes that are perfect for both guards, big men, and explosive players.

The cushioning on this pair is high-end, with the shoes offering superior heel and ankle reinforcement. Looking at the premium finish and value for money, it’s clear to see why the Nike Air Mars is one of the best basketball shoes under $200.

What we liked about the Air Jordan Mars

  • Comes with a trendy design
  • Superior heel and ankle reinforcement
  • All-round shoes that’s suitable for all type of players

What we didn’t like about the shoes

  • Comes with a small opening, hence you might experience difficulties sliding in your legs
  • Might be heaving for some users
  • Can be somewhat restricting for users with wide feet

4. Kyrie 7

Following two high-performance models, the Kyrie 6 and Kyrie 5, the kyrie 7 is a solid basketball shoe that’s perfect for quick players and players who love to make plenty of cuts. Engineered with the Zoom turbo at the forefront, the Kyrie 7 is not only bouncy but also quite responsive and offers incredible court feeling.

If you loved the Kyrie 6, then you are definitely going to fall in love with Kyrie 7 as it comes with an enhanced cushioning set-up especially at the heels.

The support offered by the Kyrie 7 is great for stability and lateral movement. As expected, the materials used on the Kyrie 7 are of a higher quality, which in turn gives the shoe a premium feel and appearance.

Like the Kyrie 6, the traction offered by the Kyrie 7 is ideal for clean courts and moderately dusty courts. It’s important to note that the Kyrie 7’s require regular wiping when playing on extremely dusty courts.

If you are a fast player who’s looking for a solid performer, then you should definitely get the Kyrie 7.

What we liked about the Kyrie 7

  • Comes with enhanced cushioning
  • Great for lateral movement and stability
  • Premium finish

What we did not like about the Kyrie 7

  • Not ideal for dusty courts

5. Nike Lebron 18

One of the most popular signature shoes by Lebron James, the Nike Lebron 18 became popular after Lebron James wore them during the 2020 NBA finals. If you are a big guy, who’s looking for a solid basketball shoe with lots of cushioning, then you should definitely get the Nike Lebron 18s.

Designed with a rubber outsole, the traction on the Nike Lebron 18 is not only great but also highly durable. Nonetheless, you should expect some inconsistencies when playing outdoors or on dusty courts.

The cushion set-up on the Nike Lebron 18 is one of the best you can ever find on the market, as it combines Cushlon, Max Air and Zoom Air.

Combine all these three technologies and get solid responsiveness and maximum impact protection. Being a high-end shoe, the materials used on the Nike Lebron 18 are not only premium but also highly durable.

Although the Nike Lebron 18s are true to size, the shoe will need a little more time to break-in due to the Battle Knit materials used on the shoe. All in all, the Nike Lebron 18 is the ideal shoe for big men who rarely make any hard cuts but still require lots of cushioning.

What we liked about the Nike Lebron 18

  • Comes with plenty of cushioning for maximum impact protection
  • True to size
  • Premium finish
  • Highly durable

What we did not like about the Nike Lebron 18

  • The traction is inconsistent on dusty courts
  • Not recommended for outdoor use

6. Nike KD 13

Like the Nike Lebron 18, the Nike KD 13 is a great all round basketball shoe that comes with plenty of cushioning. Designed with the Air Zoom instead of Strobel, the Nike KD 13s offers players one of the best cushioning set-ups. While the cushioning is similar to that of Nike KD 12, the Nike KD 13 comes with an additional forefront unit beneath the Zoom Strobel.

As expected, the KD 13 still has the bouncy feeling and the smoothness that has been one of the major selling points of the KD signature line. While the shoes do not use herringbone patterns on the outsole, the traction is still great thanks to the circular cups and nubs.

Unlike most shoes within this price range, the Nike KD 13 is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The materials used on the Nike KD 13 are premium thanks to the ripstop style materials and textiles. Nonetheless, when comparing the KD 12 and KD 13, the KD 12 feels more premium.

Because of the nature of the materials used on the Nike KD 13s, no break-in time is needed. Finally, all though all the key support features are present on the Nike KD 13, the lack of a containment cage and forefront trigger does not do the Nike KD 13 smoke justice.

What we liked about the Nike KD 13

  • Great cushioning
  • Premium finish
  • Highly durable

What we did not like about the Nike KD 13

  • Lacks containment cage and forefront trigger