How To Break Into Basketball Shoes Quickly

It’s always exciting when we finally lay our hands on a new pair of signature shoes or budget basketball shoes that we always wanted.

However, upon receiving your shoes you might notice that they are somewhat restricting. While the basketball shoes that you settled for might be true to size, you will often notice many at times that they are quite uncomfortable from the go.

From what we’ve seen over the years many new basketball shoes are often quite uncomfortable at first and thus, you should not worry. In addition, there are also those basketball sneakers that also tend to come with narrow sides.

New basketball shoes often feel uncomfortable mainly because they are not used to your feet. Nonetheless, if you notice that the basketball shoe is too constricting, then you might want to return them for a new pair.

Constricting shoes often indicate that you have wider feet or bought smaller sneakers. Instead, you might want to settle for a pair that comes with flexible uppers such as Flyknit. Check out our best basketball shoes for players with wide feet list.

All in all, new shoes tend to be uncomfortable mainly because they have not fully adjusted to your feet.

Thus, it is important to ensure that you properly break-in into your new basketball shoes prior to the start of the season or before hitting the gym.

There are several steps that you should follow to ensure that you break-in into your new pair of shoes in the shortest time possible.

  1. Put on your shoes with thick pair of socks
  2. Insert socks or crumpled newspaper into your shoe at night
  3. Take your shoes to basketball practice
  4. Heat your shoes
  5. Freeze your shoes
  6. Buy your shoes in advance

1. Use Thick Pair of Socks

Once you have received your basketball shoes in advance, the next step will be to get thick pair of socks or wear several pairs. Before stepping out of the house, ensure that you put on the new pair of shoes with thick pair of socks for at least 10 minutes each day.

Walk with the basketball shoes around the house for a few minutes. After the first three days, you should begin increasing at least 10 minutes every consecutive day until you are able to put on the shoes for at least one full hour.

The thick pair of socks ensures that the shoes will not be too tight around your feet once you begin putting on the shoes.

You can get authentic thick cotton basketball socks directly from Nike’s official store on Amazon here.

2. Stack Socks Inside The Shoe

When you are not wearing the shoe, it is important to place at least two or three pairs of socks or crumpled-up newspaper on the front. Stack the pair of shocks until the front of the shoe becomes tight.

Doing this will help the shoe to expand properly. Alternatively, you can always do this for a couple of days prior to putting on the shoe.

If you want to get faster results, then you can purchase stretcher tools. Stretcher tools will help you get the desired result within the shortest amount of time.

However, I would like to point out one caveat when using stretching tools. Always ensure that you adjust the knob carefully, as you might end up with extremely loose basketball shoes.

If you are interested in shoe stretchers, then we highly recommend the Lanney 4-way adjustable shoe expander. You can get this highly rated shoe expander directly from Amazon here.

3. Take Your Shoes to Basketball Practice

After being able to put on your shoes for at least 1 full hour, it is now time to take them into competitive basketball. Again, since you have not yet properly broken into your shoes, it is important to only stick to pick-up games or regular practice.

During these practice sessions, you should pay attention to how the shoes feel on your feet. If it’s still somewhat tight, then you can always adjust your laces.

Always carry an extra pair with you just in case the shoes become unbeareable.

4. Heat Your Shoes

There are several other techniques that you can employ to ensure that you properly break in new basketball shoes. These techniques are suitable for individuals who tend to have a busy schedule and hence have no time to try out basketball shoes while at home.

The blow-dry technique is one of the most popular alternative techniques. The first step involves heating your basketball shoes for about two to three minutes.

Upon heating your basketball shoes, you should immediately put them on while they are still warm. Instantly take a walk or run for a few minutes.

Do this for a few minutes every day for at least one week.

5. Freeze Your Shoes

Another great way to expand your basketball shoes is by freezing them. Water tends to expand when it freezes and thus you can use this phenomenon to your advantage.

Get a sandwich bag and fill each bag with water about 1/3 full. Take the sandwich bag and insert them into your basketball shoe. Stick both pairs into the freezer and then leave the shoes until the water inside the bags freezes.

If you do not get results within the first round, then you can repeat the entire process until you get the results. When freezing your shoes, it’s important to ensure that the water does not leak into your shoe.

6. Buy Your Basketball Shoes in Advance

If you have a regular season coming around the corner, it is important to get the new shoes way before the season begins. This could be two months or a month before.

Getting the shoes in advance will help you to properly break-in into your new shoes quickly. In addition, doing this will also help you to properly test out the shoes so that you are able to play effectively in them.

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