The 10 Greatest WWE Tag Teams of all Time

Last updated on May 8th, 2022 at 11:12 am

With plenty of history behind it, the WWE tag team title remains one of the most prestigious titles in pro wrestling. Over the years, we’ve seen some amazing tag team matches from the iconic best of three match at SummerSlam 1990 to the historic TLC match at SummerSlam 2000.

For many years, WWE Tag Team division continues to offer many wrestlers who struggle as single wrestlers, a place to make a name for themselves. Wrestlers like the Wild Samoans and The Dudley Boyz ultimately became a staple in the WWE, mainly because of the tag team division.

Like most titles in the WWE, the WWE tag team championship has undergone a series of evolution. The first tag team title in the WWE was introduced in 1971 and was known as WWWF World Tag Team Championship.

Later on, the WWE would unify the title with WWE Tag Team Championship, resulting in the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship. While some wrestlers on this list have held the tag team titles at least once, there are those who have held none tag team titles in the WWE.

These wrestlers still made onto this list because of their massive contribution to the tag team division. That said, these are the 10 greatest WWE Tag Team in the history of the WWE.

10. Wild Samoans

One of the most decorated tag team stables, the Wild Samoans, held an impressive 21 tag team title throughout the world. Just like their name suggests, the Wild Samoans gimmicks involved the Wild Samoans sticking to their wild men’s image. 

Apart from speaking in an ingenious dialect that was only understood by their manager, the Wild Samoans also engaged in outrageous and odd behaviors, such as picking their nose, eating raw fish during TV interviews, and biting the heads of their opponents. 

Members of the famous in family that includes Roman Reigns Rikishi and Yokozuna, Afa, and Sika began their professional wrestling career with Stampede Wrestling. After featuring for Stampede Wrestling for over 6 years, the Wild Samoans would ultimately sign with the WWF in 1979.

While the WWF billed them as The Samoans, the duo would ultimately revert to their previous name. 

One year down the line, The Wild Samoans would win their first-ever WWF tag team titles after defeating Tito Santana and Putski. The duo would drop the title after five months only to regain the title a few days later after defeating Rene Goulet and Tony Garea in the title tournament.

By the end of their WWF wrestling career, the Wild Samoans had lifted the tag team titles on three different occasions. 

9. The British Bulldogs

While the British Bulldogs attained global recognition with the WWF, the tag team actually has been in the wrestling business for some time. Throughout the early 1980s, the British Bulldogs wrestled for various promotions, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA, and Stampede Wrestling. 

In 1984, the WWF signed the British Bulldogs after Vince McMahon bought Stampede Wrestling, including its talents. Even though the British Bulldogs were under contract with the WWF, the duo remained an integral part of AJPW tours. However, a few months down the line, they became exclusive WWE property. 

In the WWF, the British Bulldog continued their long-running feud with the Hart Foundation, a stable that they had been at loggerheads with ever since their day at Stampede Wrestling. Because of the history they had, the two teams provided a series of outstanding matches that helped elevate the status of both teams in the WWE. 

After feuding with the Hart Foundation, the British Bulldogs ultimately switched their attention to The Dream Team, who was the current WWF Tag Team Championship. After a series of unsuccessful attempts, the British Bulldogs were ultimately able to win the Tag Team titles from the Dream Team. 

The British Bulldogs continued their run as one of the most dominant tag teams in the WWF, feuding with various tag teams in the WWF. In 998, the British Bulldogs left the WWF after a backstage altercation with the Rougeau Brothers that saw Billington lose various teeth after Jacques Rougeau threw a surprise punch.

After their stint with the WWF ended, the British Bulldogs went ahead to the future for various wrestling promotions, including Stampede Wrestling and AJPW. 

8. The Steiner Brothers

Prior to embarking on their pro wrestling careers, the Steiner Brothers started out as amateur wrestlers at Michigan University. Unlike most wrestlers on this list, the Steiners are actually real-life brothers. After a brief amateur career, the Steiners embarked on their pro wrestling career in 1989. 

Scott Steiner would first sign with WCW as a single wrestler. Ultimately, he would begin bringing his brother to the ring and in January 1989, the brothers took part in their first professional wrestling match as a tag team. In their corner was Missy Hyatt.

Thanks to their speed, agility, and power, the Steiner brothers became a fan favorite and one of the most promising tag teams at WCW. 

A few months down the line, The Steiners would win their first-ever tag team titles after defeating the Freebirds. With WCW, the duo would win various titles both as single wrestlers and as a tag team. As a tag team, they won 7 WCW tag team championships and 1 United States Tag Team championship.

After their stint with WCW, The Steiners would ultimately sign with NJPW, before finally sealing a deal with the WWE where they would win the World Tag Team Titles on two separate occasions. 

7. The New Day

One of the most decorated and popularly tag team stables in WWFs history, The New Day holds many records, including a title reign that lasted 483 days. The New Day also holds the record for most title Reigns in SmackDown and 11 overall. 

As a trio, the New Day defended their titles under the Freebird rule that recognized all of them as tag team champions. While the stable began as a trio, a WWE draft and Big Es title reign forced the New Day to remain as a duo. 

Even though all the members of the New Day are highly talented wrestlers, their gimmicks and entertainment value saw them become some of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

By becoming heels who were highly obsessed with the power of positivity, the New Day became a household name and one of the most celebrated stables in the WWE. 

6. New Age Outlaws

Widely considered as the second incarnation of the widely respected D-Generation X, the New Age Outlaws became one of the most popular stables in the Attitude Era. Unlike most tag teams in this group, the popularity of the The New Age Outlaws saw them make history by becoming the third-highest merchandise sellers behind The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

With the WWF, the team won the tag team titles an impressive 6 times. After a rather disappointing singles career, Billy Gun and Jesse James ultimately teamed up. The decision by the two wrestlers ultimately bore fruit as the team made an impact in the WWF.

Apart from launching unprecedented attacks on other teams, the New Age Outlaws also used weapons and various other cheating techniques to win matches. 

The New Age Outlaws won their very first tag team titles the same year they teamed up. While this was Road Dogg’s first-ever title, this was Gunns fourth tag team title with the WWF.

5. The Hart Foundation

Throughout the mid-1980s and early 1990, the Hart Foundation wreaked Havoc on the entire tag team division.  A symbol of excellence, the team comprising Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Jim Neidhart, the Hart Foundation captured their first-ever tag team titles in the WWE. 

Even though the team mostly won their matches, the Hart Foundation alongside Jimmy Hart and Danny Davies did not care how they did it. While the team of four enjoyed outstanding success, the stable would ultimately fall apart once The Hart Foundation grew tired of Jimmy Hart’s approach to wrestling. 

Hell-bent on revenge, Jimmy Hart would use various tag teams, such as Greg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man’s duo, The Demolition, or the Fabulous Rougeaux. In the long run, The Hart Foundation overcame the various obstacles that were thrown in their way.

At SummerSlam 1990, the Hart Foundation defeated Demolition, winning their second and last tag team titles. 

In 1991, the two members of the Hart Foundation went their way, as Bret Hart focused on singles competition.

4. D-generation X

Considered to be one of the most controversial tag teams in sports entertainment, D-Generation X first began as a stable before ultimately plunging into the tag team division. The stable was not only super aggressive, but they ensured they made everyone’s life a living hell, including the Authority, fellow wrestlers, and network censors. 

D-Generation X’s gimmick revolved around a gang of rebels who not only broke every rule but also spoke and acted the way they saw fit., they not only destabilized the company but also ended up making a fool of many WWE legends.

Vincent McMahon, Bret Hart, and Sgt Slaughter were among the few wrestlers who suffered in the hands of D-Generation X. 

Despite breaking every written rule, D-Generation X became a household name in sports entertainment. They easily resonated with the fans and in the process became significant members of the Attitude Era, alongside The Brothers of Destruction, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

3. The Hardy Boyz

One of the most memorable and beloved tag team stables, the Hardy Boyz became a household name thanks to their death-defying stunts and never-give-up mentality. While the duo became quite popular in the WWE, they had earlier wrestled in the independent circuit where they won tag team titles both at OMEGA and NWA. 

In 1997, the duo signed with the WWE where they mostly competed as jobbers both in singles and tag team matches. In their second year with the WWE, the Hardy Boyz would wrestle while undergoing further training under the guidance of Dory Funk Jr.

The training helped the duo develop their wrestling skills, and in no time, they became fan favorites. 

The team also became serious title contenders. In 1999, the Hardy about would win their very first WWE Tag Team Titles after defeating The Acolytes. However, their win would be short-lived as they would, later on, drop the titles a month later at Fully Loaded to the Acolytes. 

2. Edge & Christian

One of the most decorated tag teams of all time, Christian and Edge were an iconic stable, widely remembered for their in-ring gimmicks and death-defying stunts. By the time their run ended, Christian and Edge had won 7 WWE Tag Team Titles. 

While the WWE widely promoted the Christian and Edge sibling narrative, it ultimately began to de-emphasize the narrative towards the mid-2000s. Finally, in 2010, the WWE completely dropped the narrative instead of settling for the childhood friendship. 

During their run as a tag team stable, Christian and Edge were a force to reckon with not only winning tag team championships but also being named Tag Team of the year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Pro Illustrated Tag Team match of the year. 

As a tag team stable, Christian and Edge made history by becoming one of the three tag teams that introduced a new type of match in the WWE, the Tables, Ladders, and chair match.

1. Dudley Boyz 

Arguably the most decorated tag team in the history of professional wrestling, the Dudley Boyz are the greatest WWE tag team of all time. Just like Christian and Edge, many wrestling fans back in the 90s and early 2000s actually believed that the Dudley Boyz were real-life brothers.

Initially, the team comprised two members: D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley. 

Along the way, various Dudley family members such as Spike Dudley joined the team. Unlike most tag teams in the WWE, the Dudley Boyz began wrestling as a team in other wrestling franchises including ECW, All Japanese Wrestling, TNA, and ultimately the WWE. 

In addition, the Dudley Brothers are the only tag team in the history of professional wrestling to hold the NWA, WWE, ECW, WCW, NWA, and IGWF Tag Team Titles. They also won the AJPW World Tag Determination League.

With all these accomplishments, it’s safe to say that the Dudley Brothers are the greatest tag teams of all time.