The 5 Best Kurt Angle TNA Matches

Last updated on May 8th, 2022 at 11:19 am

One of the most decorated wrestlers in TNA and WWE’s history, Kurt Angle TNA matches are undeniably among some of the greatest TNA matches of all time. An Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle is also one of the best in-ring fighters in professional wrestling. Kurt Angle’s career as a wrestler began to take shape during his time as an amateur wrestler. At TNA and the WWE, Kurt Angle’s wrestling style mainly involved specialized fighting where hand gets to the glove.

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For that reason, many people acknowledge Kurt Angle as the Olympian who featured in several top-flight matches in WWE and TNA‘s history. Kurt Angle TNA debut was in the year 2006, where he became the inaugural and 6-time world champion. At both the WWE and TNA, Kurt Angle faced some of the biggest names in the business including The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, Steve Austin, Edge, Shawn Michael, Brock Lesnar, and so forth. Let us look at the 5 Best Kurt Angle TNA matches.

5. Kurt Angle Vs Desmond Wolfe – Turning Point 2009

For Kurt, this was a turning point match since Wolfe registered more wins against Angle in their previous encounters. Apart from being quite technical, the Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe featured signature moves and unexpected counter moves.

Kurt Angle knocked a great frog splash hit though never won since the counts were two. Later, after continuous submissions, Desmond evaded the Angle lock only to find himself in a triangle choke. Though Kurt Angle picked the win, this would mark an end to one of the best feuds in TNA’s history.

4. Kurt Angle Vs Abyss – Turning Point 2008

Heading into this match, many fans expected the match to be boring. On top of that, no one expected this match card to emerge as the top TNA competition of the year 2008. Immediately after the bell went, Kurt Angle and Abyss would begin brawling.

They brawled up the slope and Angle jumped over the dais with a crazy flip flop hitting Abyss under the podium. The two would go ahead and wrestle across the first podium walls to the next. Then they went back to the loop where they fought with chains and chairs. Angle managed to knock Abyss down and got three counts.

3. Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett – Genesis 2009

The Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarret storylines is among one of the best storylines in TNA fighting history. While both Kurt and Jarrett met on numerous occasions from 2007 to 2011, their match at Genesis 2009 would go down as their best encounter. Immediately after the bell went off, Jeff Jarrett took total control the match.

However, as time went by Kurt Angle slowly began to get into the match. After ten minutes Jarret met the Angle slam and he nailed Jeff using a chair. The match got bloody as the chair to head caused Jeff Jarrett to begin bleeding. While Jeff Jarrett pinned Kurt Angle for a two count, Kurt Angle would reverse the pin to get the unexpected win.

2. Kurt Angle Vs Samoa Joe – Lockdown 2008

At Lockdown 2008, two of the biggest names in TNA met in an exceptional cage competition realized in TNA. With both these wrestlers having a background in MMA, the match incorporated many MMA tactics. In comparison to their previous matches, the Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe was one of the best matches between these two wrestlers.

According to Kurt Angle, this was one of the most complex matches he has ever been in but then again it was still one of his memorable fights. As expected, the match was characterized by a sequence of setbacks of further submissions, robust style knocks, compliances, powerful blows, nice combinations of typical move arrangements as well as mat fighting. Kurt Angle gave one of his best performances, in the process leaving the audience in total awe.

1. Kurt Angle Vs AJ Styles – Hard Justice 2008

The Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles match card took place at Hard Justice and was a breathtaking fight. Even Shane McMahon acknowledged that the match was quite overwhelming. The match followed the Texas Death tactic guidelines which intended that every fighter get three counts ere the tally of ten.

There was a top combination of chain fighting, compliances, and some setbacks within a few minutes. The combinations resulted in approximately an undoubted ten counts. Towards the end, Kurt Angle managed to hit a beautiful German from the upper rope which directed to the enormous victory.

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