The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 02:19 am

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in basketball, accounting for over 25% of all basketball-related injuries. For professional players like Steph Curry, ankle injuries are quite common, having suffered ankle sprains four different times in 2018.

While sometimes it can be quite hard to control what goes on on the court, it’s important to always minimize your chances of getting ankle sprains. One of the best ways of minimizing ankle sprains is by getting a pair that will protect your ankles at all times.

The best basketball shoes for ankle support must not only protect your feet from excessive ankle movements but also by increasing the stability of your feet. To provide additional ankle support, many NBA players tape their feet or put on ankle braces.

While this may work sometimes, it’s important to ensure that you refrain from playing basketball if you are recovering from ankle-related injuries. That said, what are some of the things that you should consider when shopping for basketball shoes for ankle support?

Things to Consider When Buying Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support


When shopping for shoes that offer ankle support, it’s important to always put the base of the shoes into consideration. The best basketball shoes for ankle support have a flat and stable base. Technically, look for shoes with little to no elevation. Shoes that are closer to the ground are less tipsy.


Apart from a stable base, an ideal basketball shoe for ankle support should also offer proper cushioning. Proper cushioning will help lower the stress on your feet and joints in the process protecting you from impact.

In addition, a properly cushioned ankle will also help support the entire body from the hips, spine, and knees.

Thus, when shopping for basketball shoes, it’s important to look for the ones that will help offer you enough protection during training, tournaments, and pickup games without hurting your feet.


Budget is also another crucial thing that you might want to consider when buying a basketball shoe. If you are on a tight budget, then you will want to go for a pair that’s affordable. There are plenty of high-quality basketball shoes that are under $50 on the market.

If you’ve got a pretty big budget for your basketball shoes, then go for high-quality basketball shoes that incorporate all the latest technology.

The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

1. Nike Kyrie 4

The Kyrie 4’s have always been a solid shoe that comes with superior cushioning (cushion) when compared to previous installments. In previous models, the signature line of shoes used phylon, which made the shoes somewhat firmer and maligned.

The heel sports a Zoom Air unit which is perfect for players who tend to use their heels.

Because of the Flywire technology, the Kyrie 4 offers maximum support to the player’s feet using durable and light material. In addition, the midsole cushion which was overlooked in other models not only covers the midsole but is also crucial in absorbing energy.

What we liked about Kyrie 4’s

  • Materials used on this pair do not crease easily
  • Breathability is not an issue with Kyrie 4’s

What we did not like about Kyrie 4’s

  • Lack of plenty colors to choose from
  • Takes a while to break into the shoes

You can check out the price of these Kyrie 4s on Amazon here

2. Nike Air Jordan 35

The Nike Air Jordan 35 is one of the best basketball shoes in the market that offers maximum heel support. The Nike Air Jordan 35 comes with the Eclipse Plate 2.0 which is quite visible.

A torsional shank then supports the plate. Like most shoes in this line, the Nike Air Jordan 35 also employs the use of Zoom technology.

The forefront of the shoes features a big in-built technology, while the heel on the other hand features a much bigger zoom cushion technology. While we cannot compare the unlock set-up and the bouncy feeling of this installment to that of its predecessor, the impact protection offered when moving, jumping, and running is top-notch.

Apart from the state-of-the-art cushioning system, the Nike Air Jordan 35 also features an ankle padded region that’s quite fit in turn providing maximum protection to the ankle and heel sections.

Despite the amount of zoom technology used in this pair, the shoes are still lightweight allowing the player to move freely.

Unlike the previous installment which used mainly nee generation and lightweight, the Nike Air Jordan 35 employs the use of modern-day synthetics and premium materials. Together with the premium uppers, the shoes also have premium suede and leather on the heel and toe.

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3. Nike Air Precision 2

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that’s specifically designed to keep your ankle stable and supported at all times, then you should definitely get the Nike Air Precision 2. While it might be not your traditional high tops, the Nike Air Precision 2 will ensure that your ankles do not move from side to side when laced up well.

In addition, the Nike Air Precision 2’s also comes with a special air cushioning unit that not only absorbs shocks perfectly but also is quite responsive. The inclusion of a padded collar also increases stability and support, especially when playing defense or when attacking the rim.

What we liked about the Nike Air Precision 2

  • Padded upper and tongue
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for outdoor use due to the rubber outsole and overall construction

You can check out the Nike Air Precision 2 on Amazon here

4. Adidas Dame 5

Designed to play off the box, the Adidas Dame 5 is one of the highest rated shoes in the market thanks to its stylish design and exceptional performance. Integrates Adidas’s trademark innovative technology, the internal pod system.

The internal pod system basically divides the midsole of the shoe into 3 different parts. The forefront of the shoes features the Eva technology while the heel of the shoes features Boost technology and the last part employs the use of the Point of Deflections.

Apart from the internal pod system, the shoes also feature lateral banking barriers which help enhance stability.

What we liked about the Adidas Dame 5

  • No break-in time needed
  • Sports a sleek and stylish design
  • Great pair for wide-footers

What we did not about the Adidas Dame 5

  • The upper mesh gives the Adidas Dame 5 a cheap feeling
  • Not suitable for dusty courts

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5. Lebron Witness 5

If you are looking for solid basketball shoes that come with comfortable materials and offer good stability and support then you should definitely get the Lebron Witness 5. While the cushioning on the Lebron Witness 5 is subtle, the forefront Zoom pods and full-length phylon go a long way in offering full protection.

In addition, the lockdown and stability on the Lebron Witness 5’s offer consistent ankle support containment and lateral stability. If you are looking for a reasonably priced basketball shoe that is not only a high performer but also offers great ankle support, then the Lebron Witness 5 will definitely do you some justice on the court.

What we liked about the Lebron Witness 5

  • Offers great lockdown and support
  • True to size

What we did not like about the Lebron Witness 5

  • Not suitable for outdoors and dusty courts
  • Might be slightly narrow for some users

You can check the price of the Lebron Witness 5 on Amazon here