Stone-Cold Steve Austin Net Worth

Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth: $30 Million

Steve Austin Net Worth

Considered to be the greatest wrestler of all-time, Stone-Cold Steve Austin has a total net worth of $30 million. For a bigger part of his wrestling career, Stone Cold was not only the face of the WWE but also one of the promotion’s highest paid wrestlers.

Apart from his lucrative WWE salary, Steve Austin also brought in a significant amount of money from merch sales and PPV appearances. Being a main event wrestler, Stone Cold’s PPV appearances bonuses was way above what other wrestlers in the promotion earned.

Austin’s overall appeal also contributed heavily to merch sales and distribution. In addition to merch sales and PPV appearances, Stone-Cold Steve Austin also generated a significant amount of money from film and TV appearances.

Some of the major films that Stone Cold appeared in include Recoil, The Package Damage, and the Longest Yard just but to name a few.

For instance, The Longest Yard grossed over $192 million worldwide. The massive success behind the film saw the it become one of the highest grossing sports film of all time.

While Steve Austin is nowhere close to matching Dwayne The Rock Johnson or Dave Batista’s box office success, he has still managed to make a name for himself.

After hanging his wrestling boots, Steve Austin recently turned to podcasting. While we are unable to estimate the earnings generated from his podcast, we are more than certain he makes a ton of money from his new venture.

With a net worth of $30 million it’s clear to see why Stone-Cold Steve Austin is currently the 6th richest pro-wrestler in the world.

Steve Austin WWE Salary

Being the company’s biggest draws, Steve Austin was one of the highest paid wrestlers in the world, earning an estimated $12 million annually. Throughout his 20-year WWE career, Steve Austin went ahead to headline numerous PPV events.

Austin also took part in several classics that many wrestling analysts and fans consider to be some of the greatest WWE matches of all time.

Even after retiring from the squared circle, Austin still receives a significant amount from the promotion due to the legends contract or Contractor nostalgia agreement. The Legends Contract guarantees retired wrestlers receive an advance fee of $10,000 upfront and a $500 commission for every appearance that they make.

Due to his reputation and status in the company, Austin definitely earns more from his appearances compared to other retired wrestlers.

Real NamesSteve James Anderson
Ring Names (Gimmicks)Stone-Cold Steve Austin, Stunning Steve Austin
Age57 years
Height6 ft 2 inches
Billed Weight252 lb (114 kg)
Pro-Wrestling PromotionsWWE, WCW, ECW
MoviesThe Recoil, The Longest Yard, Package Damage
Marital StatusMarried (Kristin Feres)
Debut Year1989
Years Active15 Years
Net Worth$30 Million


Early Life

Steven James Adams was born on 18th December 1964 in Austin Texas. After separating from Austin’s father when he was only one year old, his mother relocated to Edna, Texas with a young Austin.

Austin’s mother would remarry again. Steven James Adams would end up adopting his step father’s last name.

However, later in his pro-wrestling career, Steven James Adams would legally change his name to Steve Austin.

Austin attended Edna High School before joining Wharton County Junior College on a football scholarship. After spending most of his early college years at Wharton County Junior College, Austin would receive yet again another football scholarship from the University of North Texas.

During his time at the University of North Texas, Austin would first play as a linebacker, before a knee injury forced him to switch to the role of a defensive end. Ever since he was young, Austin loved wrestling and hoped that he would become a pro wrestler someday.

Early Pro Wrestling Career

After graduating from college, Austin joined Chris Adam’s pro-wrestling school. While attending the wrestling school, Austin got to learn more about the technical side of wrestling and very little about kayfabe.

Later on in his pro-wrestling career, Austin would call Chris Adam’s wrestling training a rip-off. This was mainly because Austin realized that he got to learn very little about pro-wrestling at the school.

Some of the wrestlers who had a great influence on Austin during this period include Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and the Von Enrich Family. Austin would briefly feature on WCCW and USWA before signing with WCW.


In 1991, Austin made his WCW debut as Stunning Steve Austin. A few weeks later, Austin would defeat Bobby Eaton to win his first ever title, the WCW World Television title.

One year down the line, Austin dropped the title to Barry Windham on 27th April 1992. However, he would once again regain the title and enjoy a much longer reign before ultimately dropping the title to Ricky Steamboat.

Even though Austin had an impressive run in the singles division, he would ultimately find himself trapped in ECW’s tag team division. Alongside Brian Pillman, the duo would go the name Hollywood Blondes.

All in all, Austin’s run with WCW was quite impressive and played a crucial role in putting him on a peddle-stone to become an influential figure.


Austin would sign with ECW after being contacted by Paul Heyman. During the first few months, Austin role in the company would be greatly limited.

Because of the injury he suffered at WCW, Austin could only run in-ring interviews and promos. During this period, Austin was making about $500 a night.

On 18th September 1995, Austin made his in-ring debut at Gangstas Paradise. It’s with ECW that Austin began developing his Stone-Cold Persona. Austin stay with ECW was short-lived as he only spent a few months with the company before receiving a contract from the WWE.


After the intervention of one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time, Jim Ross and Diesel, Vince McMahon agreed to bring Austin onboard. Austin made his in-ring debut on 18 December 1995 against Matt Hardy.

Austin not only won the match but also received a Million Dollar Championship title from Ted Dibiase. During his early months with the WWE, Austin used The Ringmaster gimmick.

However, according to Austin, he felt that he truly needed a gimmick change as he believed his first gimmick was weak. Because of thinning hair, Austin was forced to shave his head after getting inspiration from Bruce Willis look on Pulp Fiction.

On March 11 1996, Austin officially made his in-ring debut as Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin’s new gimmick proved to be a hit among WWE fans.

Austin success with the WWE would begin at the 1996 King of The Ring tourney.

Out of pure luck, Austin received the nod to win the King of The Ring tournament instead of Triple H. The WWE had sidelined Triple H mainly due to his role in controversial Curtain Call that scandalized the WWE and the entire pro-wrestling world.


Several years after hanging his wrestling boots, Stone Cold Steve Austin would begin his own podcast. A no holds barred podcast, the program featured renowned figures and guest from the pro-wrestling world. 

Some of the most notable guests on the podcast include The Undertaker, Vince McMahon and many others. Due to a number of reasons, WWE discontinued the Stone Cold Podcast after only one year. 

In 2020, WWE would once again reintroduce the podcast on the WWE Network. This time around, the product was re-invented and marketed as the Broken Skulls Sessions with Steve Austin. 

Ever since its reintroduction,  the podcast has not only received plenty of exposure but also been subjected to superb ratings.