The 10 Best AEW Tag Teams So Far

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Even though AEW is still in its formative years, the promotion has still made a name for itself as one of the big dogs of professional wrestling. Apart from bringing some of the biggest names in pro-wrestling onboard, AEW also went a step further and offered contracts to various independent wrestlers who were yet to get a breakthrough.

The first major move by the company was to sign Chris Jericho. Other big names brought onboard during the first few months by AEW included Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega and various indie stars such as Orange Cassidy.

Just like the singles division, AEW tag team division has also been quite entertaining as well. We’ve seen a handful of teams brought onboard from the indie scenes and others being formed directly within the promotion.

Unlike the WWE, they often give AEW wrestlers the freedom to create their own script and match flows. This might explain why we’ve been seeing some dynamic and highly entertaining matches.

So far, the tag team matches have also been on another level, with the Young Bucks vs Omega and Paige vs The Inner Circle vs The Elite being one of the most entertaining tag team matches in recent years. That said, let us look at the 10 best tag teams in the AEW so far.

10. The Dark Order

After making their AEW debut, the promotion repackaged Grayson and Uno in May 2019 as The Dark Order. Despite teaming up on April, the team would have to wait until July to make their in-ring debut in a 3 way tag team match. 

The Dark Order not only won the match, but they did it convincingly. While the Dark Order has been unsuccessful in winning the tag team titles, they have still continue to show that they are one of the best tag teams at AEW. 

On November, when a series of vignettes of the Dark Order began airing. In the process, a spokesman for the duo was introduced. Towards the end of 2019, Alex Reynolds and John Silver would join the Dark Order, Dark Order transformed into a stable.

The stable first ever feud at AEW would be against SoCal Uncensored, after they tried recruiting Christopher Daniels.

9. The Elite (Kenny Omega and Adam Page)

Even though the Elite started out as sub-group of Ballet Club, it remains one of the most dominant factions within the tag team division. Like many other groups within AEW, The Elite was formed outside the promotion. 

The group comprised Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. A dominant trio, The Elite ended up winning various tag teams titles such as the NEVER 6-Man Tag Team Championship. Ultimately, all the members of Elite, alongside the larger faction of Ballet Club, joined AEW. 

Majority of the members of Ballet Club helped to form the company and thus ended up taking executive positions. While Omega and Page’s stint in tag team division was short-lived, they proved to be a force to reckon with. Before going their separate ways, the duo ended up winning the highly coveted tag team titles once. 

Page and Omega would remain tag team champions for over 6 months before ultimately dropping the titles to the FTR.

8. The Acclaimed

In their first tag team match as partners at Dynamite, The Acclaimed were not only impressive in their match but also ended up defeating SoCal Uncensored. Their impressive start at AEW, so they earn a shot against the then tag team champions, The Young Bucks.

Despite putting forward a solid effort, The Acclaimed could not win the match. While the team showed so much promise, controversy would hit the duo after Caster’s free-style rap did not sit well with Tony Kahn and the WWE fans. The controversy ultimately resulted in a brief hiatus for the duo.

On September 2021, The Acclaimed appeared in AEW Dark where they would joke briefly about their hiatus. As expected, The Acclaimed impressed in their return match as they defeated the team of CPT Shawn Dean and Robert Anthony.

7. Private Party

One of the most experienced tag team stables in AEW, Private Party, like most tag teams, made their debut at House of Glory back in 2015. After a few months, Private Party won their first-ever world tag team titles. In the year that followed, the tag team stable would drop their titles to the Hardy Boyz.

After spending over 3 years in the independent circuit, Private Party ultimately signed with AEW. During their AEW debut match at Fyter Fest, the duo lost the match to Best Friends in a triple threat match. 

Despite their loss, Private Party continued to impress defeating various teams such as The Hybrid 2 and The Young Bucks. However, the duo would ultimately lose to The Lucha Bros at the semi-finals of the World Tag Team Champion tournament. 

Their impressive run would see them earn a title match against SoCal Uncensored and the Lucha Brothers. Once again, Private Party failed to capitalize on the moment.

6. Jurassic Express

Prior to signing with AEW, Jurassic Express featured heavily in the indie scenes under the gimmick “A Boy and His Dinosaur”. After Stunt Marko was added to the team, Jurassic Express made their official debut at Fight of the Fallen.

In August 2019, Socal Uncensored defeated Jurassic Express at All Out in a 6 man tag team. Several months later, the team comprising Stunt and Jungle Boy would be part of the tournament to determine the first AEW World Tag team champions.

Despite putting forward a solid effort, the team was eliminated by the Lucha brothers in the first round. Despite showing that they were a solid tag team stable, Jurassic Express had to wait for 6 months before getting their first ever win in AEW.

In January 2020, during an episode of Dark, Jurassic Express would defeat Strong Heart. In the process, they ended up getting their first ever win at AEW. While the team is yet to win any titles with AEW, Jurassic Express continues to show promise.

5. Lucha Bros

Arguably one of the most popular tag teams in the history of AAA and PWG, the Lucha Bros are one of the best AEW tag teams. The Lucha Bros made their pro wrestling debut on PWG in 2015. 4 years later, the Lucha Bros would return to their home country of Mexico where they signed with AAW.

Real life brothers, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zoro have not always been wrestling fans but also they come from a family filled with professional wrestlers. Fuego, their father was a renowned wrestler back in the 70s, while their brother works as Ikaro. 

Being luchadores, very little is known about the Lucha Bro’s earlier life apart from what they want known. Both Rey and Penta began their pro wrestling training on the same day. They ultimately ended up making their professional wrestling debut on the same day as well. 

Because of their background in lucha libre, the Lucha Bro’s technicality and in-ring style of wrestling is second to none. Lucha Libre has not only had splendid success in AEW, but has also shown the AEW universe that they truly deserve to be at the top. 

In September 2021, the Lucha Bros ultimately won their first ever AEW tag team titles after defeating the Young Bucks. 

4. Best Friends

Just like Jurassic Express and Young Bucks, Best Friends were quite prevalent in the independent scenes featuring on PWG and ROH earlier on in their careers. Trent and Chuck Taylor first teamed up in August 2013 on PWG in a match against Tommaso Ciampa, Willie Mack and B-Boy.

After winning their first ever tag team match as a duo, the team would go on an impressive run, knocking off various teams along the way. Some teams defeated by Best Friends include the Inner City Machine Guns and Young Bucks.

In 2019, Best Friends made it official that they were joining AEW, after their brief stint with NJPW. Best Friends AEW debut would be during the AEW Tag Team tourney. A tournament created by AEW to determine it’s inaugural tag team champions.

The duo would be eliminated in the first round of the tournament.

During this period, Best Friends not only became friends with Orange Cassidy but also added him to their team. From this point onward, Best Friends became a dominant team in AEW, winning several matches including a 6 man tag team match against QT Marshal, John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

After Orange Cassidy was attacked with a bag filled with blood oranges by Chris Jericho, Best Friends would be involved in one of the longest rivalries in AEW against the Le Sex Gods (Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho. 

3. Young Bucks

Arguably the longest reigning tag team in the history of AEW, many fans know the Young Bucks for their works at Ring of Honor and NJPW. At both these promotions, the Young Bucks were members of the Bullet Club. After a small civil war, Young Bucks (Nicholas and Mathew Massie) teamed up with Adam Page, Marty Scurll, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega to form the Elite. 

The Elite would go ahead and perform for various independent promotions such as PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla) and TNA. By the end of their independent run, the Elite had lifted 18 tag team titles including five 6 man tag teams, 7 junior heavyweight titles and 6 world titles. 

The Elite made their debut during the official launch of AEW at Double or Nothing. The Young Bucks signed a 5 year deal with AEW, as the new company’s executive vice presidents. The new deal so them become one of the highest paid AEW wrestlers.

Tony Kahn on the other hand became the president of the promotion. 

During their debut match with AEW, the Young Bucks registered a win against their short-term rivals, the Lucha Brothers. The two teams had briefly met at AAA, where they had a match for the AAA tag team titles because of a working relationship between AEW and AAA. 

Ever since the inception of AEW in 2019, the Young Bucks had been crowned AEW World Tag Team champions one as well as two Dynamite Awards. 

2. SoCal Uncensored (SCU)

While Socal Uncensored had no option but to part ways, they still remain one of the best AEW tag teams we’ve seen so far. In May 2021, So Cal Uncensored made their final appearance on AEW as tag team partners.

Like most tag teams on this list, Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian began their partnership out of AEW. As a matter of fact, Kazarian’s and Daniels began teaming up during their days at TNA. 

During their stint at TNA, SoCal Uncensored won the TNA World Tag Team titles twice. After feuding with AJ Styles briefly, the duo changed their name to Bad Influence and remained with TNA until 2014.

The team ultimately left TNA for ROH, where they wrestled using a different name, The Addition. With ROH, the duo was able to replicate their levels of success by winning the ROH Tag Team titles twice. 

Scorpio Sky ultimately joined the team. This time around, they would change their name to SoCal Uncensored. In 2019, the trio left ROH for AEW, where they became a household name.

During their debut match, SoCal Uncensored would defeat the Lucha Brothers to become the inaugural AEW Tag Team champions. From what we’ve seen so far from SoCal, it’s safe to say that they are one of the best AEW tag teams.

1. FTR

With multiple wins and an AEW tag team title already in the bag, FTR are arguably the best AEW tag team so far. Ever since making their professional debut back in 2019, FTR has continued to wreak havoc in AEW’s tag team division. Under the leadership of MJF, FTR are members of the stable The Pinnacle. Prior to signing with AEW, FTR was an already famous tag team stable, thanks to their time in the WWE as Revival. 

Unlike most teams on this list, FTR spent several years in the WWE, as Dusty Rhodes officially created the group in 2004. In 2016, the team adopted the name Revival, as they believed their main role in the WWE was to revive the 1980s classic wrestling style. 

As a result, the tag team opted to make use of fists with no flips. In addition, the team also relied heavily on the traditional mat based approach to wrestling other than the high-flying style that has become extremely popular today. 

With WWE, the duo could lift the WWE tag team titles thrice, two under the Raw Brand and once with the SmackDown brand. After rejecting a deal worth $750,000 from the WWE, FTR signed with AEW in April 2020, picking up things from where they had left. 

In September 2020, FTR lifted their first ever AEW tag team titles at All Out Pay Per View. Because of their outstanding performance,  Pro Illustrated wrestling gave them the number one slot in its first ever PWI Tag Team 50. 

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